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Description :

This is the most comprehensive course covering concepts and facts related to all the important geographical entities viz. Continents, Countries, States, Rivers, Lakes, Mountain Ranges, Plateaus etc.

The pedagogy followed by the faculty will help students in memorising and retaining the facts and understanding the concepts for better grasp on the subject.

This course is further divided in two sub modules: India Mapping & World Mapping.

Topics Covered:

  • Formation of various geographical entities(Mountain Ranges, Continents, Plateaus etc.)
  • Important Countries, States, Rivers etc and concepts and facts related to them
  • Mineral/Oil reserves present in different parts of the world
  • Current Affairs related to different Geographical Regions
  • Economic and Social Geography.
  • Current Affairs related to different Geographical Regions
  • Locational Factors of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Industries in the World.

In Addition to this a student will have:

  • A better understanding of International Relations.
  • A better understanding of Indian History.
  • A better understanding  of World History.

Who can take this course?

As this is a fundamental course for the preparation of UPSC Civil Services Examination (IAS), this course is recommended for all the civil services aspirants irrespective of their optional subject.

This will help in GS Geography in the Prelims, GS Paper 1(Mains), Geography Optional.

After taking this course a student will have a solid foundation for the UPSC Civil Services Exam (Prelims as well as Mains).

Number of Sessions: 56

Course Validity :- 70 Days (A student will have access to the course for 70 days only)

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