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UPSC Daily Answer Writing Online Classes Demo Lecture

Answer Writing Practice is of utmost importance for UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam. Even if you have a good knowledge of General Studies, articulating it in marks fetching answers is an art. One can only master the Answer writing skill by regular practice of writing answers. We provide online answer writing practice on the questions based on the Current Affairs as well as static topics.

This online answer writing practice course for IAS Mains  becomes all the more important as we got a huge number of questions directly asked from the course, here are the stats:

1. 13 out of 20 questions in GS Paper 1

2. 16 out of 20 questions in GS Paper 2

3. 18 out of 20 questions in GS Paper 3

The Online Course is known as Daily Answer Writing Online for IAS Mains, and here is how the online answer writing practice works:

a) The faculty dictates a question in the video lecture of Answer Writing

b) The student has to pause the video for 7 minutes(Message is displayed in the video)

c) The student has to write the answer to the questions dictated

d) After 7 minutes, the student can resume the video

e) The faculty will discuss the complete background of the topic of question as well as the model answer to the question.

f) The student will be able to evaluate his/her answer during the online lecture itself from the model answer provided, alternatively, a student can send his/her answer over email for evaluation from the faculty

Key Highlights of the Online Answer Writing Practice Course:

a) Answer writing skills for IAS Mains,

b) More than 250 topics are covered(General Studies Paper 1 – General Studies Paper 4),

c) Current Affairs based questions are also covered, important for IAS Prelims/Mains Exam,

d) Taught by highly experienced faculty, have appeared twice in the UPSC Interview,

e) 1-2 Questions of History are also discussed in each lecture

Current Affairs Coverage:

From November 2017 – May 2018

Who can take this online course?

This course is a must for all the UPSC Civil Services IAS Prelims/Mains Exam aspirants to enhance and develop answer writing skills for IAS exam.

Classroom Hours: 80 – 100 Hours (Approximately)

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  Time: 11 AM Onwords 
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