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Indian Economy holds the key to the General Studies Paper 3 of UPSC IAS Mains exam, and having a good hold in the subject would result in high score in GS Paper 3 of IAS Mains exam.

Having a good mentor not only simplifies the understanding of concepts but also guides in writing good answers that can fetch good marks in UPSC General Studies paper 3.

For the same reason, there can’t be a better mentor than Mr. Ayussh Sanghi himself, a CA by profession and trainer by heart. He carries a huge teaching experience with himself and has mentored millions of IAS aspirants till now. His unique pedagogy makes the learning easy and interesting.

With this online course you will get to learn:

1. How does an Economy work

2. What are the factors affecting the economic structure of a country?

3. Indian Economy

4. Economic policies along with its objectives, the overview of Market forces

5. Demand as a Market force and further explaining the concept of Demand

6. Law of Demand and Movement along the Demand Curve, a shift in the demand curve and exceptions to the Law of Demand with the help of illustrations and examples

7. Concept of Supply: the definition, law of supply, shifts and movements along the supply curve and what results in the shifts and the movements.

8. Various scenarios with respect to what happens in the case of excess supply and shortage of supply

9. Meaning, formula and significance of Elasticity of Demand

10. Answer writing techniques

What Makes us Different?

As someone said: “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself. So choosing a right mentor for your IAS Preparation can make a huge difference, so undoubtedly Mr. Ayussh Sanghi should be your choice for Indian Economy part of GS Paper 3, He has designed this course beautifully with laying special focus on enabling IAS aspirants write scoring answers.

Trust us, you won’t find any better course for Indian Economy(General Studies Paper 3), that is our guarantee!

What will I get in this online course for IAS Prelims/Mains:

1. Video lectures of  Indian Economy module for UPSC GS Paper 3  

2. You can watch the lectures anytime and any number of times during the course validity.

3. Unmatched Faculty support over Call/Email or in person

Who can take this online course?

This course is a must for all the UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam aspirants to comprehensively cover the Indian Economy module of UPSC IAS General Studies Paper 3 Exam.

Classroom Sessions: – 120 Hours Approx

Course Validity: – 150 days(A student will have access to this online course of Indian Economy GS Paper 3 for 150 days only)

*Please note that the complete syllabus will be completed by end of November.

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