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International Relations for UPSC IAS exam has its importance as in UPSC General Studies Paper 2(GS 2), questions are asked worth more than 100 Marks. On top of that UPSC regularly asks Essay questions from the topics related to Globalization and International Relations. So, it is evident that the International Relations holds great importance in General Studies Paper 2(GS 2) of UPSC IAS Exam.

With this online course on International Relations for IAS Exam you will get comprehensive coverage of each topic mentioned below:

1. The detailed explanation of the syllabi and Approach to study International Relations for UPSC Civil Services Examination.

2. Evolution of India’s Foreign Policy (1947 till now)

3. Everything about SAARC – India’s position in South Asia

4. India’s relations with the Neighbourhood

a. India and Nepal

b. India and China

c. India and Bhutan

d. India and Afghanistan

e. India and Bangladesh

f. India-Maldives

g. India-Sri Lanka

h. India-Pakistan

i. India and Mauritius

j. India and Seychelles

k. India-Myanmar

5. Indian Ocean Region in the Indian realm of development and international growth

a. It’s Importance

b. Security Challenges

6. Importance of the Indian Diaspora for India

7. India’s ever-changing relationship with United States of America

8. India’s relations with Central Asia [Commonwealth of Independent States]

a. India-Turkmenistan

b. India-Kazakhstan

c. India Tajikistan

d. India-Mongolia

e. India Uzbekistan

f. Important organisation of Central Asia – Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

9. India – Africa – The linkage of Gandhi-Nehru era to 21st-century Trade Policy – Relationship coming a Full Circle

10. India and it’s extended neighbours – West Asia

a. India – UAE

b. India – Saudi Arabia       

c. India – IRAN

d. India – ISRAEL

11. India & it’s European Partners

a. India and France  – Strategic Partnership

b. India’s relationship with Germany – Are we looking beyond Bilateral Ties?

c. India – United Kingdom

d. India – Portugal

e. India – Spain

f. India – Netherlands

12. India-Russia Bilateral Relationship

13. Asia – Pacific Angle

a. It’s Importance


c. India-Asean Economic Cooperation

d. Singapore

e. Vietnam

f. Indonesia

g. Indo-Japan Relations

h. Indo-Australia Relationship

i.India – South Korea

j. India-Vietnam

Apart from this, there will be regular updates in the course as per the Current Happenings.

Who can take this online course?

This course is a must for all the UPSC Civil Services IAS Prelims/Mains Exam aspirants to comprehensively cover the International Relations for IAS Exam.

Classroom Sessions: 40 Hours

Course Validity :- 60 Days (A student will have access to the course for 60 days only)

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